12th June 2018 – Limited Enrolments only

The Kingdom Clinic is sorry that due to current demands on our services and wait times for our enrolled patients we are unable to accept new patients.  We may be able to make an exception if you have family members who are enrolled at the Kingdom Clinic.  Please enquire by contacting us on 03 982 0168.

Our normal enrolment procedure is that an appointment is made with our Nurse Manager for which there is a wait-list.   At this appointment you will be asked to complete an enrolment form.

By meeting one of our Team during the enrolment process, we can make sure the Kingdom Clinic can meet your expectations.

As it is illegal for GPs to prescribe addictive medications without good reason, Kingdom Clinic has a strict policy about prescribing Opiates or Benzodiazepines, or any other addictive medication.

Please phone 03 982 0168 to enquire.

To view our Patient Information Sheet, Click HERE.