Price increase

Kingdom Clinic has not increased their prices for some time.

On 1st August, prices will increase by $1 for Practitioner Consultations – $19 for those 18 years and older and $13 for those aged 14-17 years.

All other prices remain the same.

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The Team at the Kingdom Clinic


There have been a number of cases of measles confirmed in NZ this year including in Canterbury. There are significant outbreaks overseas.

Find out more here:

Those born before 1969 are considered immune to measles. Everyone born in 1969 or later needs to have proof of two doses of MMR after the age of 12 months to be considered immune.

If you are enrolled at Kingdom Clinic and are unsure, please phone us on 039820168 and we can check the records we hold and/or book you a free appointment for your MMR vaccine.

Update – August 2019:

The outbreak is over, but vaccines are still in short supply globally. We have returned to the normal schedule for MMR vaccines, but will be able to offer more vaccines in about three to four months hopefully. The good news is that one vaccine provides about 95% cover.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic

New opening hours

As we don’t have staff to cover reception, we will now be closing for lunch from 1 to 1.30 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The door will be locked and you will be able to leave a phone message during this time.

It is very important that our staff have a chance to rest and refuel for the rest of the day.

Another change is that between approximately 8.30 am and 9 am, you will now be able to leave a phone message on our phone system before we open.  This will hopefully allow us to return your calls earlier in the day.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic

24 Hour Surgery

At 12.01 am on Wednesday 10th May (that is tomorrow), the 24 Hour Surgery opens at it’s new location at 401 Madras Street.

The 24 Hour Surgery at the Bealey Avenue / Colombo Street site will close at midnight tonight permanently.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic