Shingles Vaccine

We’ve had a number of enquiries about the Shingles Vaccine, Zostavax which is available for adults aged 50 years and over.
You can find out more about this here:
The cost of the vaccine including administration is $200 and needs to paid for before we can order it.  We do not have it in stock.
If you want to have the vaccine you could pay this amount over as many weeks as you like into your account at the Kingdom Clinic, but it will need to be paid for before we can order the vaccine for you.  This, however, may make it more affordable.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic

24 Hour Surgery

At 12.01 am on Wednesday 10th May (that is tomorrow), the 24 Hour Surgery opens at it’s new location at 401 Madras Street.

The 24 Hour Surgery at the Bealey Avenue / Colombo Street site will close at midnight tonight permanently.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic


The Kingdom Clinic had a flood yesterday which meant we had to turn off our water, power and phones for a few hours in the afternoon.  We have two consultation rooms out of action whilst they are drying.

We are sorry for the disruption to your bookings yesterday and for the problems with the phone service. Thank you for being patient with us.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic

Phone update

Thank you for your patience whilst we have sorted out a couple of technical issues with our new phone system.

We believe that they are now working the way they should be – we have even phoned and tested various options ourselves.

We look forward to talking to you.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic

Seasonal Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is here. Please phone 03 982 0168 for an appointment with the nurse at a time that suits or in our flu clinic Fridays 10 to 11 am.

Flu vaccine is free for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone over 65 years
  • Anyone with one of these medical conditions:

Chronic heart problems

Asthma on a regular preventer inhaler

Chronic breathing or lung problems


And some other conditions.  See:

If you don’t qualify for a free vaccine, we can provide one for $25.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic

New Patients

The Kingdom Clinic is sorry that due to current patient numbers and wait times for our enrolled patients we are unable to accept new patients.

We may be able to make an exception if you have family members who are enrolled at the Kingdom Clinic.  Please enquire by contacting us on 982 0168.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic

Services Page

We hope you are enjoying the Kingdom Clinic’s improved (not grey) website.  This will continue to be updated and added to, so please come back.

On 1st February 2017 we will publish the Services Page and our standard Nurse Consult charge will increase to $10.  Straightforward blood tests, blood pressure checks and some other Nurse Services will remain $5.  Please see the Services Page for further information.

We look forward to seeing you when you are next in.

The Team at the Kingdom Clinic