These are some of the services we offer to enrolled patients:

Nurse Services

 Nurse consult  $10 (additional charges may apply)
 Liquid nitrogen  $7 (fortnightly)
 Pregnancy test  $5
 Dressings  From $10
 Injections as prescribed  $5
 Nurse Smears
(under 20 and routine recall FREE)
 Blood Tests  $5
 Blood Pressure   $5
 Free to $15
 Smoking Cessation Nurse Apts  FREE
 Flu vaccine (non-funded)  $25
 Urinalysis  $5
 Urinary Tract Infection treatment
 (protocol applies)
 Diet Education
 $5 for 15 mins, $10 for 30 mins
 Asthma Education  $5 for 15 mins, $10 for 30 mins

GP Services

 Telephone Prescriptions
 (includes replacement scripts)
 Urgent Telephone Prescriptions
 (same day)
 Faxing and Postage  $3
 Admin Fee
 (applies to all letters/forms etc)
 Extended Consultation
 (exceeding 15 minutes)
 Drivers Medical (Full)  $40
 Sports Medical  $50
 Minor Surgery
 (including one follow-up nurse visit)
 From $100
 IUCD/Mirena (IUCD $40 if not   funded)  $0 – $100


 Overdue Account Fee  $3
 Non Attendance Fee or Late   Cancellation Fee for all   appointments*  $5 to $10

Payment is due at time of consultation.
Prices may be subject to change.  Funding may be available in some circumstances.

*We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if your appointment is cancelled with less than four hours’ notice.  Please phone us as soon as you are able and if we reasonably consider we can offer the appointment to another patient, this may not apply.