KC 2021 Ltd Staff

Practice Owners

Carol Glover and Cerina Altenburg


Nurse Practitioner

Cerina Altenburg (Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health Life Span)


Dr Pip Tremewan

Dr Muna Mwandila  

Practice Nurse

Theresa Bathurst

Complaints Officer and Business Manager
Carol Glover, MBA


Bonny and Michiko 

The clinic also has available, free of charge, to registered patients of KC2021 Ltd a Health Improvement Practitioner and a Health Coach.  


What is a nurse practitioner (NP)?

Nurse practitioners (NP) are registered nurses who have undertaken further study to Master’s level and have been endorsed in the role by the Nursing Council. NP’s are authorised to work in an advanced role that includes assessing, diagnosing, ordering tests and prescribing medications for patients.

In primary care, a NP’s role overlaps with that of a GP and they offer the same range of services.