Important – please read!

We have changed how we do things.  Online booking is no longer available.

Access to the Clinic needs to be pre-arranged.  You MUST phone first and you will then be asked more questions at the door before entry.  This is to keep everyone safe. No exceptions.

Most appointments will be phone consultations and normal prices apply.  Prescriptions are faxed to the pharmacy and we will let you know when it has been faxed.  We suggest you also phone the pharmacy before collection. (There is no fax charge added if you have been charged for a full consultation.)

Phone consults are suitable for many medical problems and for continuing routine prescriptions safely. Video consults are also available – if we and you can get them to work!

We will send you your account and our bank account details for internet banking, via text or post and if not paid within 7 days it will incur an account fee.  Please help us to stay in business so we can continue to meet your health needs by paying your account.  (If you cannot internet bank, please phone us to discuss alternatives.)

Please do not request/order prescriptions in advance.  Repeat phone prescriptions now incur a fax charge and are $13 – no exceptions as this reduces non-essential travel.

For more information on Covid-19 see: https://covid19.govt.nz/


Kingdom Clinic is a friendly general practice dedicated to providing low cost, quality health care to you and your family.


Dr Pip Tremewan
Dr Vivienne Patton


Cerina Altenburg (Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health Life Span)
Carol Cobb
Roslyn Ballantyne
Tracy Smith
Sarah Nicholls (Locum)

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